In our time, day by day innumerable graphic designers and computer scientists win their bread by updating online presentations and computer programs. On the other hand, there are armies of artists who do not update anything – neither their own works nor works done by others. This comes with a vengeance: Those artists have low incomes, are supposed to be unworldly and are plagued by a permeating feeling of listless grandeur. So, private views turn into antiquated tests of cultivation and museums into places of Carthusian silent self-disciplination.


But why should informational objects like pictures obey laws different from those for internet presentations? Obviously there is a gap in our cultural customs which has to be bridged. Also works of art can and must be updated. And as long as artists do not adapt themselves to our fast-moving times and their undreamt-of opportunities, they have to blame themselves for their misery. This is why here comes the proposal to cultivate Updating and to establish it as a special subject for colleges of art.



What could ARTUPDATES look like? This internet presentations gives some suggestions.