His initials are S.I.J. As his experience of newspaper reports has not been very good, he has no longer the desire to present himself to the public. There are also other reasons why he avoids to enter stages. Obviously, he just is very shy.

He has been born in 1969 in the Nuremberg region. Since he has turned 14, he has displayed his works. Being an autodidact, he has taught didactics of art at a university for some time.

His art is serving several subjects. One of them are the Updates which originated from the artist’s motivation to present his manual skills which are not qualified by any according diploma. Unfortunately, these skills are so pronounced that he had to build in modifications in order not to be accused of forging works of art.

In cooperation with S. Voigt, this attempt became a concept of its own. And now the artist refers to the philosopher Rorty:
According to him, all manifestations of meaning are relatively arbitrary and therefore they should not be taken too serious. However has come to know this, will forever be unable or unwilling to refrain from a certain ironic way of expression. (And, as S. Voigt adds:) At least concerning some ways of dealing with some kinds of art.